Be a Producer

You want your music out there. We want it here.

We offer our producers a Non-Exclusive Partnership—meaning you can continue to offer your music wherever it is selling. Regardless of your location or where you are in your musical career, ShinyTracks can help you to sell your beats. We are always inviting new artists to join our ranks and share their unique audio library with our users for commercial purposes.

ShinyTracks’ producers also enjoy additional partnership benefits:

Retain Your Rights

With us, you’ll maintain the rights to the music you created.

Create & Inspire

Continue to make the music you want, the way you want to. We’ll help you share it with the world.

Make Music, Make Money

Help artists formulate their music and get a cut of the action.

Expand Your Network

All ShinyTrack producers receive a personalized bio page on our website, helping you connect to your audience on a larger scale than before.
Join Now!

The Fine Print

New artists/producers are required to submit three (3) audio tracks with their application for consideration and once approved, may submit their audio library in full (30 tracks minimum is preferred, but not required).
As the track’s producer, you retain the copyright ownership; however, we do not allow the removal of producer’s tracks. We do everything in our power to promote your additions to our library.
Due to the fine print of others, we cannot accept tracks participating in YouTube's ContentID Program, Rumblefish, CDBaby, Audiosocket, Magnatune, or any other similar systems/organizations.
Commissions for the sales of your tracks are paid via PayPal at the end of the month, with a one-month delay. This means the commissions from your January sales will be paid out at the end of February. Producers are responsible for any transactional fees or charges.
Our clients are not obligated to report their use of the music we distribute to performing rights organizations.

Join Us & Start Selling Your Music

Producers looking to join ShinyTracks are encouraged to submit their online application below. We will review your tracks and contact you withing 3 business days!

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